Roof Ads!


We know everything about roofadvertising! We take care of the whole route in roof-advertising. We take care of your design, print and place your sky-sign. Full-colour roofing on your rooftop is now available! That means you can turn your roof into an eye-catcher on Google Earth. Furthermore, it creates possibilities for architects. All eyes are on your premises from out the plane or helicopter: In short, roof advertising is  an indispensable marketing-tool!

Have a look at this video that shows a roof we made for ProDelta:

We offer unique and innovating products in roofing. There for we are able to offer you full-colour advertising directly on your roofing-material. The creative possibilities from now on are unlimited. To give you an idea we have put some examples of roof advertisement on this website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for extensive information. For all challenges we offer  solutions, mainly because we have the experience in all shapes of advertising and expertise in roofing!

Key benefits of roof ads:

- Take advantage of an innovative new advertising medium
- Visible to millions of window passengers annually
- Visible on Google Earth/maps on Iphone
- Customized design solutions for your advertising needs
- Available in digitally produced vinyl sheets, full-colour
- Wide variety of colors, styles, and textures
- Durable weatherproof signage
- Take advantage of our hands on approach, very flexible company
- Cost effective signage to an untapped market


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